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Paris Startup Weekend -May 2012 – sponsored by Orange

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.
No Talk, All Action ! Launch a Startup in 54 hours. Follow us on @swbaguette and use hashtag #SWPA



May 25
  • Pitchcamp for 1.5 Hours
  • Non-pitcher arrival time
  • Intro and Procedures
  • Pitches
  • Voting and cocktail
  • Vote Count
  • Sleep - we highly recommend it


May 26
  • Breakfast
  • onwards, mentors circulate
  • Lunch
  • Dinner plus announcements
  • Sleep - we highly recommend it


May 27
  • Breakfast
  • mentors circulate
  • Lunch + announcements + strong suggestion to work on the presentation
  • End of work
  • Pitchfire!
  • Jury deliberation + cocktail
  • Winners announced
  • The end
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Pascal Latouche

Director new marketing concepts Orange   |  

Head of New Marketing Concepts : Corporate Strategic Marketing at France Telecom Orange

Yves Weisselberger


KDS's mission is to help organizations of all sizes proactively control and reduce their Travel and Expense T&E costs. By providing insight into process and spending we aim to make our global customers best-in-class.

Mathieu Valotteo

CEO Curioos

Bring quality art prints to your walls and discover the most talented digital artists from around the world.

Emmanuel Bellity

Founder HeyCrowd

HeyCrowd mission is to change the way people share opinions on through the use of their smartphones.

John Lewis

DojoBoost Accelerator manager

Serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in London, Paris, New York and Boston.

Frédéric Dembak

CEO of DojoCrea

CEO of DojoCrea, the largest private incubator in France, and co-founder of DojoBoost.

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John Lewis
Liam Boogar
Pascal Vion
Emeric Callec
Joël Galeran Franz Hoffman équipe gagnante CandyPass

And the winner is….

by Startup Weekend Crew

La fin de cette édition s’est terminée dimanche soir par les présentations finales des projets devant les membres du jury, composé de Damien JORDAN (Responsable digital de l’Hétic), Nicolas Ferrary (Head of operations France, Morocco, Belgium chez Airbnb), Matthieu Rouif (co-fondateur de Heycrowd), Frédéric Dembak et de John Lewis.

And the winner is…..

SWPA – 3ième de l’année 2012

by Startup Weekend Crew

Seulement un mois après la précédente édition du Startup Weekend Paris (25-27 mai), cette 3ième édition 2012 est une édition estivale !

L’ambiance est propice à l’entraide et les rencontres entre tous les participants vont créer de forts liens durables ; cela s’annonce prometteur pour tous les développeurs, designers et Biz guys du weekend ! Les étudiants de La grande école de l’internet, l’Hétic, ont répondu à l’appel !

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