And the Startup Weekend Paris teams are…


The teams have gotten off to a great start- we just wrapped up some pasta-box lunches, and the teams are hard at work. Here are the teams we have so far:

  1. Drink Different: Subscription service to discover new alcohol every month
  2. ProjectNinja: Agile project management online software with gamification and great UI
  3. A platform for local businesses to create, administer, and monitor contests based on mobile
  4. ZendooEmotional intelligence for kids through games and stories
  5. iPrint: developping/printing photos from the iPhone
  6. Air Ludo:  a virtual library for physical goods
  7. Assimbli:A simple way to make new real life connections through dinners in restaurants.
  8. Eliminate 80% of useless providers, focus on the 20%. All in one place, Compare, Alerts, Earn cashback and loyalty rewards.

We’ll see how these teams evolve and change over the weekend!