One week until Startup Weekend Paris!


There’s just one week left until our Special Tech Edition, and the attendees are piling up. As planned, we have over 90% of our attendees as developers – we’ve even done our own background checks just to be sure! We opened up business & marketing tickets earlier this week, and they sold out in minutes! In order to keep the proportions correct, while still allowing people to attend, we have opened up some premium¬†business & marketing tickets for 200 euros.

While this price may seem high, keep in mind that we will be doing five startup weekend events this year, with one going on every two months. Not all events will be Tech editions, though we hope to continue to attract a good proportion of complementary skill sets. We apologize to those who may feel that the price for business & marketing backgrounds is too high, and hope that you will still attend future events; however, we think those who are eager enough to work with tech people will be willing to bite the bullet.

We anticipate this event will be worth attending, and we will make tickets available for the sunday pitch session later next week, as we announce our mentors and sponsors.