Microsoft Tech Boot Camp for Startup Weekend


In preparation for Startup Weekend 30 March, this Microsoft Tech Boot Camp will highlight Azure and how it is useful to any startup.

We will have a 30 minute presentation on Azure and loading WordPress.  That will be followed by some more advanced Azure uses.  We will end with a 20 Minute example that  can be the basis of a more advanced implementation for a mini hackathon.

The rest of the night, you can speak with Azure experts and try out code examples while eating snacks and drinking a glass of wine or two (beer and soft drinks too).

The event is free (sponsored by  Dojoboost) and is open to all – you do not have to have a ticket to StartupWeekend to attend.

There are many power outlets, tons of wifi and tables with great chairs.  Come and learn about android and meet other hackers.

Attendance is limited.  Please register on this link :